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Adhar Project Team

The Adhar Project team is made up of a variety of caring people, who are all dedicated to ensuring the betterment of people's mental health in Leicester. Our team is often growing, meaning that we always can come up with new ways to improve and spread wider awareness of mental health issues, and the support that is available to those who suffer from them. We come from a variety of backgrounds, communities and faiths, collectively making a strong team that represents the community.

Adhar Projects Team of dedicated Individuals

A few members of Adhar Project's team of dedicated individuals

About Us

Adhar Project was established in 1989, with the goal of providing community support services to people who are suffering from mental health difficulties. Adhar are Leicester based charity for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups, although not exclusively. We are governed by a board of nine trustees, being a user led charity. The majority of these trustees represent the community that Adhar support

Adhar's services are mostly focused on delivering early prevention and intervention work for each individual. We aim to offer support to people who are suffering with their mental health, hoping to improve their management, self-confidence and ensure that they receive everything that they are entitled to.

We therefore offer a variety of services, such as the advocacy project, therapeutic activities, support groups, 1-2-1 support, volunteering opportunities, employment support, the domestic abuse project and more.

Adhar have not stopped supporting people, even during the COVID-19 lockdown, being able to support our clients through adapted methods, using online systems such as zoom to host events and ensure all of our clients are still a focus.

Adhar Projects governing body Adhar Projects committment to the community

Our Values

Cultural Competence

Adhar understand that each of our clients are unique, with their own culture, faith, language and heritage. We therefore ensure that our support is personal to the client, whilst being mindful or what we may not know and always aiming to improve our sensitivity. This creates a safe place for all of our clients to get the support they need.


We treat every person equally, making sure that they are treated as an individual person regardless of their age, gender, faith, or any other factor. We also take time to listen to everyone's own story, knowing that everyone is different and needs to be supported in a unique way. We aim for this to create an anti-discriminatory workplace.


The focus of our support is to help clients build their independence, by;

Accountability and Transparency

Adhar ensure that all of our work is trying to move forward with our work, ensuring that we always offer the best services for our clients. We therfore publish munutes, plans, policies and budgets of our work, welcoming questions and comments from our stakeholders to be as open as possible.


Adhar understand the sensitve nature of our work and the importance of ensuring confidentiality of all documents and conversations. We ensure that we always follow GDPR, and try to build a trusting relationship with all of our clients, not tolerating and inconsistency, duplicity or gossip.

Adhar Projects Values Adhar Projects Vision for society