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Adhar Project's Events and Gallery

Adhar Project have been offering support to those suffering with mental health difficulties since 1989, and have since repeatedly improved our services in order to stay up to date with what's going on and ensure our support is of the best quality.

Please explore our gallery to see some of the different approaches Adhar have taken to tackling mental health difficulties amongst different communities, understanding that every person is diffenent meaning multiple approaches will always be required.

ITV News - Get Talking

Rana Rajput takes part in an ITV News report, which addresses the increase in mental health problems that people have been facing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and looking into ways to help support those who may be struggling.

Diwali 2020

With the countries second lockdown starting in time for Diwali, this years celebrations of the event will be very different to all other years. However, that doesn't mean that we can't still try our best to make the most out of these testing times.

Poster for Diwali 2020, an online music event

Watch below or on our YouTube channel, as Adhar Project, Punjab2000, Pam Sidhu, Radio2Funky and Luton Diwali Mela celebrate Diwali 2020 with an online music event, helping to raise awareness of mental health within south asian communities.

The event features 10 fantastic acts who offer a diverse range of music, as they all help to raise awareness of mental health. Special thanks to Rita Morar, Swifty Beats, Ickey Singh, HMC, JaydenartistUK, Mr Shay, G-Man777, Silverfinger Singh, Young Valli and DJ Doni Brasco for taking part in the event.

The Angel and the Devil - by Maya24Film

To try and raise more awareness for suicide prevention and mental health problems, particularly in the South Asian community, Adhar Project hosted an event with South Asian Health Action, Maya 24 Film, Punjab2000 and Pam Sidhu.

The Angel and the Devil poster, a film made by Maya24Film The Angel and the Devil programme, a film made by Maya24Film

The Angel and the Devil is a powerful film which tells the story of Sandeep Singh, and her struggle with mental health and being a suicide survivor. The event took place to help raise awareness, and involved a mindfulness session and Q&A session to help support those who were watching the online event.

World Mental Health Day 2020 - Investment

World Mental Health Day is an extremely important day, which can be used to raise awareness of the different issues that people who are suffering have to deal with every day. This year, the theme of World Mental Health Day is investment.

Adhar Project are therefore campaigning for better investment and access for BAME mental health services.

World Mental Health Day 2020 YouTube event World Mental Health Day event poster

To help raise awareness for better investment into BAME mental services, Adhar Project, alongside South Asian Health Action, Maya 24 Film, and other organisations, are holding a live screening of 'A Diary to my Son', a short film made by Maya 24 Film.

'A Diary to my Son' is a powerful story which addresses the stigma of domestic abuse, mental health and suicide within the BAME community, by telling the true story of a mother who lost her beloved due to suicide.

The trailer for the film A Diary to my Son by Maya 24 Film can be viewed by clicking here.

BBC News

Due to the amount of work that Adhar Project perfomed over Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, and throughout the entire lockdown period due to COVID-19, Adhar was invited to have a news segment on BBC News East Midlands.

This demonstrated some of the online events that Adhar had been performing to ensure that we could continue to support people with their mental health through these struggling times. As can be viewed below, Adhar held mindfuless sessions, yoga sessions and more through online services such as Zoom, whilst still supporting all of our existing clients.

Our Clients and Staff Interviews

Over the years that Adhar Project has been supporting people for, we have taken part in many interviews that allow us to further explain our services, and so that we can demonstrate our work to support those struggling with mental health difficulties.

Below are a number of interviews with our staff or clients, describing our services and showing off the care that we have for our work.

Sign Language

At Adhar Project, we strongly believe that it is important for all members of every community, regardless of their background or any other factor, have the same access to mental health services. Therefore, Adhar produced multiple videos that describe the services we provide in sign language.

All parts of the videos can be found below, or on our YouTube channel.

Click here to reveal parts 2-5

Adhar Project, Sign Language Videos

Social Media Campaign - Valentines Day

For one week over February in 2020, Adhar completed a successful social media campaign, that had the aim of spreading awareness of Adhar's values and services whilst encouraging people to look after and love each other. To achieve this, Adhar produced a high amount of content for this week long campaign, which were related to different events that took place, statistics that are based upon mental health and to create a different meaning to valentines day - encouraging people to care and love everyone around them.

Social Media Campaign content 1 Social Media Campaign content 2 Social Media Campaign content 3 Social Media Campaign content 4

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Mental Health Awareness week 2020 took place over lockdown, making it a very different mental healt awareness week that anyone had ever experienced before. In an attempt to celebrate mental health awareness week, and ensure that Adhar were doing as much as possible to better peoples mental health during these troubling times, we held multiple online events for people to join.

Some examples of these events include a mindfuless session, community training for those suffering from domestic abuse, a domestic abuse programme for victims, online yoga sessions and raising and support awareness for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Mental Health Awareness Week Mindfulness Poster Mental Health Awareness Week Yoga Poster Mental Health Awareness Week Black Lives Matter Poster Mental Health Awareness Week Yoga Poster

Projects and Events

Across the many years that Adhar Project have been supporting the community with their mental health, multiple different events have taken place and new projects have been started, with the aim of raising awareness of mental health and being able to support various communities, to ensure that everyone has somewhere they can turn to if needed.

Event with clients Event with clients Event with clients

Publications - A Healthy Respect

Leicester Clinical Commissioning Group, through its Equality Unit and Adhar Project, took responsibility to plan and deliver an African Carribean Health Conference in June 2015. The conference took place to discuss how to enable change and improvement in the health service for African Caribbean people living in Leicestershire.

The result was this publication, which provides important information and recommendations that arose as a result of this conference.

A Healthy Respect

Early Intervention and Prevention

Leicester has an extremely diverse, BAME community living within the city.

These brochures show some of the ways in which Adhar provides support for those struggling with their mental health across all of Leicester as a city, focusing on the Asian community in the north of Leicester, the Asian community in the east and the African, Caribbean and dual heritage adult community.

Early Intervention and Prevention for Leicester, BAME communities Early Intervention and Prevention for Leicester, BAME communities Early Intervention and Prevention for Leicester, BAME communities