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Adhar Project Services

As a team Adhar Project are committed to supporting people with their mental health difficulties, by helping them to understand their individual problems and be able to offer support where needed.

Our Mission

Adhar Project empowers people to manage their own mental health difficulties. We aim to achieve this by addressing all factors that are related to the issue and delivering these services in a culturally relevant and personalised way.

Our Work in 2020


2020 has been a year that has effected everyone accross the country, and has therefore had a massive impact on peoples mental health. Although we were unable to support people in person due to lockdown, Adhar continued to support people on a daily basis over online services, whilst still providing emotional support and counselling sessions to our clients, old and new.

Zoom sessions, such as the 'Mindfulness' sessions were hosted to help support those with mental health issues and find ways to help manage and calm their mind. We understood that in these times, it was more important than ever for people to know that someone was there to help support them.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, Adhar took to social media to spread awareness of the ongoing issues that had got gotten far worse over lockdown. To help support people, multiple zoom sessions were held every week, hosting sessions such as meditation, breathing techniques, yoga sessions and more.

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Get Support

If you, or someone that you know, is in need of support for their mental health, it is important that you get support quickly. Reaching out to family, friends, or other services like us is the first step in finding ways to manage and understand your mental health.

Contact us for support

Adhar's Services

Our vision for the furure is to build a society where all those who are experiencing mental health difficulties live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Some of the services provided below are how Adhar aim to do this.

Adhar Project Advice Adhar Project Advocates Adhar Project Therapeutic Services Adhar Project Educates the community

Employment, Health and Wellbeing Project

This project is in collaboration with Business2Business's "Brighter Futures" project, with the aim of helping our clients overcome any obstacles in their life through a combination of coaching, mentoring, volunteering and training. We aim to help all participants be able to improve aspects of their lives by helping them get into education or employment, which will in turn improve their happiness and financial security.

If you have any interest in this project, check out our contact page or visit Business2Business website to enrol now.

Business2Business Brighter Futures Project

Domestic Abuse Programme

We have new programmes and initatives that are aimed to address issues that are ongoing and new. For example, we have recently started a Domestic Abuse Programme, aimed to help support those who are involved in abusive relationships and help them begin to recover from these problems. This programme began during the COVID-19 Lockdown, due to the increase in the amount of reports of domestic abuse in households accross the UK.

Domestic Abuse Poster Domestic Abuse Poster

Adhar Advocacy Project

The Advocacy Project aims to provide members with personal, client led outcomes that will help benefit them personally. For example, Adhar will;

Adhar's support team will help you understand your own problems and help you manage them, by listening closely to what you have to say, respecting any decisions that you choose to make and exploring all potential options that are available to you. We will create an agreed list of actions and help you complete these successfully, whilst keeping you informed of any developments.

An advocate from our support team can;

If you wish to access Adhar's Advocacy Project, you need to:

Therapeutic Support Education and Support

Recovery Project

Adhar recognises that people who are struggling with their mental health problems have experienced many difficulities on their journey to recovery. This project therefore emphasises the process of learning, engaging, taking action and engaging with others. It is about having positive thinking and actions, and developing participants sense of self-value and empowerment.

Some of the activities that are offered in this project are 1-2-1 sessions, training workshops and community visits. When the client has completed the programme, they will be discharged and referred to the 'Peer Support Network', which will provide self-help for continued support during their recovery.

The Recorvery Project is broken down into four sub-sections;

The service can be accessed through six steps;

  1. Referral: The referral might come from a social worker, GP, psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse, signposting from another organisation or by self-referrel.

  2. Intake Assessment: This will allow the client to explore and communicate their problems and see if this project is right for them, if not othe options will be explored.

  3. Attending Training: This will have a strong focus on the client learning and engaging with the project and taking positive action to help themself.

  4. Monitoring: We will monitor our clients to check their improvement, such as their self-confidence, concentration, positive thinking, management of their symptoms, their engagement and how they access local community services.

  5. Review: Once the project is complete, we work closely with the client to appraise all improvements made and explore any futher, unmet needs that they may have, and creating a recovery plan to address these.

  6. Exit: We support the client in developing their 'Peer Support Network' to help benefit them going forward, or see whether further support is needed for the client from Adhar's sercices.

Adhar Project Advocating for individiduals Adhar Project provides advice

Support Groups

Adhar's are lead by one of our counsellours, and allow clients to build friendships, develop their skills and gain emotional support through a group of peers who will be understanding of everyones own issues. The support groups are welcome to all English, Gujarati and Hindi speakers who are over the age of 18.

To take part in Adhar's support groups, referrals can be taken by;

If you require additional 1-2-1 support, please contact us on 0116 2200070 or email our support team;

ushma.j@adharproject.org or chhaya.c@adharproject.org

Day Time Description
Monday 13:00-15:00 Women only support group and men only support group.
Tuesday 13:00-15:00 Women only support group.
Wednesday 13:00-15:00 Mixed support group.
Thursday 13:00-15:00 Women only support group and men only support group.
Friday 10:00-12:00 1-2-1 support group.