Our set of skills

As a team Adhar Project are committed to supporting people with their mental health difficulties, by helping them to understand their individual problems and be able to offer support where needed.


Our Advocacy Project aims to provide members with personal, client led outcomes that will help benefit them personally.

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Talking Therapies

Service users are able to access our CBT (Talking Therapy) services with our Senior Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist.

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Health & Wellness

We believe that staying healthy physically also helps you stay fit mentally. Our experienced Fitness & Wellbeing Coordinator, Angela Parkes runs multiple sessions across the week in Leicester.

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Group Sessions

The group sessions allow our clients to build friendships, develop their skills and gain emotional support through a group of peers who will be understanding of everyones own issues.

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Recovery Project

This project emphasises the process of learning, engaging, taking action and engaging with others. It is about having positive thinking and actions, and developing participants sense of self-value and empowerment.

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